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The Legionella Testing Experts

Our leading edge microbiology laboratory utilizes the two most sanctioned methods (ISO11731 & Legiolert) to determine potential exposure to Legionella. AG Environmental offers both the ISO11731 Legionella culture methods or IDEXX Laboratories' widely recognized Legiolert culture method for Legionella pneumophila quantification. These are the two most recognized and recommended methods to accurately determine your potential Legionella exposure and validate your disinfection treatment.
For healthcare facilities, AG Environmental Labs can help you stay in compliance with The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) directives. In order to reduce  the risk of potential outbreak, CMS and VHA mandate that all covered facilities, such as hospitals, nursing homes, surgical centers, dialysis centers and residential health care facilities are required to assess and sample their water systems for Legionella.

AG Environmental Labs is uniquely qualified to meet all your CMS and VHA water testing directives.

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